SAC Membership

Past SAC Chairs

James Powlik, Eileen Grogan, Chris Lowe, Ken Goldman, Jennifer Wyffels, Julie Neer, Cami McCandless, Donna McLaughlin, Dan Huber, Mason Dean, Lisa Whitenack, Tricia Meredith, Chris Bedore, Matt Kolmann, Johanna Imhoff

SAC Membership

2018 SAC Members

Chair Cheston Peterson
T-shirts Kelsey Spencer, Beth Bowers
Auction Triana Arguedas
Corporate Donations Madeline Cashion, Matt Larsen
AES store Emily Peele
Webmaster & Newsletter Rachel Skubel
Workshop Bryan Keller
Post-doc Representative Kady Lyons, Kyle Newton
Early Career Representative Matt Davis
Facebook Group Administrator Natasha Hinojosa
Members-At-Large Caroline CollatosEmily Meese, Kelcee Smith

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