Sharks and Their Relatives II

Sharks and Their Relatives II is here!

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Epipelagic Oceanic Elasmobranchs – John D.Stevens

Deepwater Chondrichthyans – Peter M.Kyne and Colin A. Simpfendorfer

Chondrichthyans of High Latitude Seas – David A.Ebert and Megan V. Winton

Elasmobranchs of Tropical Marine Ecosystems –William T. White and Emma Sommerville

Biology of the South American Potamotrygonid Stingrays – Ricardo S. Rosa, Patricia Charvet-Almeida, and CarlaChristie Diban Quijada

Life History Strategies of Batoids – Michael G.Frisk


Ontogenetic Shifts in Movements and Habitat Use – R. Dean Grubbs

Tracking and Analysis Techniques for UnderstandingFree-Ranging Shark Movements and Behavior – David W.Sims

Sensory Adaptations to the Environment: Electroreceptors as aCase Study – Stephen M. Kajiura, Anthony D. Cornett, and Kara E.Yopak

Molecular Insights into Elasmobranch Reproductive Behaviorfor Conservation and Management – David S.Portnoy

Physiological Responses to Stress in Sharks – Gregory Skomal and Diego Bernal

Pollutant Exposure and Effects in Sharks and TheirRelatives – James Gelsleichter and Christina J.Walker


Factors Contributing to Shark Attacks on Humans: A VolusiaCounty, Florida, Case Study – George H. Burgess,Robert H. Buch, Felipe Carvalho, Brittany A. Garner, and ChristinaJ. Walker

Shark Control: Methods, Efficacy, and Ecological Impact– Sheldon F.J. Dudley and Geremy Cliff

DNA Forensic Applications in Shark Management andConservation – Mahmood S. Shivji

Unraveling the Ecological Importance of Elasmobranchs – Michael R. Heithaus, Alejandro Frid, Jeremy J. Vaudo,Boris Worm, and Aaron J. Wirsing

Life Histories, Population Dynamics, and Extinction Risks inChondrichthyans – Nicholas K. Dulvy and Robyn E.Forrest