SAC Workshop

2016 - The Ins and Outs of Securing Funding

Panelists: Dean Grubbs, Kyle Newton, Chris Lowe, Bryan Frazier
Topics To Be Covered:

Conducting research can be limited by many factors, such as technology or logistical issues, but perhaps the lack of funding is the most common element constraining science. Securing funding is often competitive, and the organizational format of a proposal could be a deciding factor in the selection process. In addition to writing technique, there are many other factors influencing the likelihood of gaining funding that are independent of the actual research presented, but more linked to proposal’s preparation, and these factors are best understood by those with extensive experience with the funding process. Additional challenges in the funding process include locating opportunities and building institutional collaborations. In this workshop, professionals in the field will explain how to successfully locate opportunities, prepare proposals and secure funding. These panelists are a diverse group of scientists whose experience includes success with small grants, state and federal grants, and institutional collaborations. The main objective of this meeting is to have students walk away with a better understanding on how to locate funding opportunities and create a competitive funding application in order to enable their research success. 

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