October 2017

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Applications now open for the 2018 YPRF diversity scholarship

The American Elasmobranch Society, the world’s oldest and largest professional society focusing on the scientific study and management of sharks and their relatives, is now welcoming applications for the 2nd year of our Young Professional Recruitment Fund diversity initiative. Awardees will be given one year of Society membership, in addition to specialized professional development training, mentorship, and networking opportunities specific to their needs as scientists and professionals from developing nations or historically underrepresented minority groups. 

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Elasmobranch lab Q & A: Seitz Lab

Institution: University of Alaska Fairbanks

Lead researcher: Andy Seitz


What is the central focus of your research group? Are there any big questions you’re guided by?

The central focus of my research group is applied fish behavior research.  We are guided by answering applied questions that pertain to fisheries management and potential impacts of human activities.


How did your lab begin?

The lab began in 2009 when I started my appointment at University of Alaska Fairbanks.