September 2016

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Award Winner Q & A - Matt Kolmann

Q. What award did you receive and when?

I received the AES Gruber Award this year at the annual meeting in New Orleans.

Q. What degree are you seeking, from what institution, under whose guidance?

I just finishing my doctorate in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Toronto.  My advisor is Dr. Nathan Lovejoy.

Q. What is the most important (actual or potential) finding of your research?  Give us a little background on the subject.

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Applications now open for AES diversity initiative

We are now 

welcoming applications for the 2nd year of our Young Professional Recruitment Fund diversity initiative. Awardees will be given one year of Society membership, in addition to specialized professional development training, mentorship, and networking opportunities specific to their needs as scientists and professionals from developing nations or historically underrepresented minority groups.