July 2016

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Award Winner Q & A - Chris Mull

Q. What award did you receive and when?

The Gruber Award at the 2014 Annual Meeting in Chattanooga

The Henry and Anne Mollet Elasmobranch Research Award, 2013

Q. What degree are you seeking, from what institution, under whose guidance?

I am finishing up my PhD at Simon Fraser University working with Dr. Nick Dulvy and Dr. Kara Yopak

Q. What is the most important (actual or potential) finding of your research?  Give us a little background on the subject.

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The Student's Guide to the 2016 AES Meeting

Welcome to NOLA, students! Here are some events and opportunities that you don’t want to miss at this year’s meeting…

- Support your fellow students by attending their talks and posters. Gruber Award eligible talks are marked with a “G” and Carrier Award talks are marked with a “C” in your programs.

- Throughout the next few days, be sure to read the Conservation Resolutions posted on the AES website and in the AES store. We will vote on them at our Business Meeting on Saturday.